Our services:

A brand is more than just a name. It is a story. At LBS, we help you tell that story.
We dig deep to unlock the essence of your company, crafting tailor-made digital
solutions that communicate your vision to the world.


As an international team of hands-on digital marketing professionals with a strong
presence in Asia, we understand exactly what it takes to build and maintain
successful brands. No matter the market.

Why LBS?


First-rate websites and apps combine the right technology with a fitting message in order to create an exceptional user experience. Our interactive design approach focuses on usability, impact and creating an effective dialogue with our customers.


Even the most well-planned user experience can be a waste without proper implementation. We transform insight and research into memorable websites engineered for performance, stability and long-term adaptability.


Understanding customer needs and market trends is integral to any sort of digital advertising. We immerse ourselves in your specific field, learning through interviews, observation and analysis. When it’s time to sit down and solve the problem, we are just as devoted to guarantee success.

Our team:

Michael Karasinski

Co-Founder / Managing Director
Hong Kong, China

Jason Miles

Co-Founder / Senior Copywriter
London, UK

Maria Filonenko

Head Designer
Moscow, Russia

Jun Sunami

Project Manager
Tokyo, Japan

Artur Polkowski

Senior Front-End Developer
Poznan, Poland

Adrian Cugar

Madrid, Spain

Tony Lee

Project Manager
Taipei, Taiwan

Adam Hoff

Boston, USA