Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we help clients best communicate their ideas, goals and vision to the world. Nothing more. Nothing less. As an international team of hands-on digital marketing professionals with over a decade of experience in Asia, we understand exactly what it takes to build and maintain successful brands. No matter the market.

About LBS

We made our name in London. But we didn’t stop there. We expanded. We crossed the ocean into Asia, where we discovered a burning desire for what we had to offer: dynamic global solutions to the unique challenges facing Asian companies. At our core, this is who we are. A team of experienced, hands-on digital marketing professionals with a deep understanding of both Asian and international markets.

You can see it in our management team: 9 languages and over a decade of experience in the China market between us. You can see it in our employees: talented individuals spread across 4 continents. And you can see it in our company itself: dynamic branch offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taipei.

We live creativity. It’s not just a word, it is the fuel that drives us to deliver superior branding solutions time and time again. It is the fire that burns within us, pushing us to meet each challenge head-on. Craft an award-winning brand identity from scratch? Done. Develop a flawless digital solution that brings your company into the age of social media? Check. Create a strategy for adapting a major Asian brand to the western market? No problem. Our mission is simple: we develop highly effective digital marketing strategies that minimize cost and maximize exposure.

What we do?

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Our team:

Michael Karasinski

Co-Founder / Managing Director
Hong Kong, China

Jason Miles

Co-Founder / Senior Copywriter
London, UK

Maria Filonenko

Head Designer
Moscow, Russia

Jun Sunami

Project Manager
Tokyo, Japan

Artur Polkowski

Senior Front-End Developer
Poznan, Poland

Adrian Cugar

Madrid, Spain

Tony Lee

Project Manager
Taipei, Taiwan

Adam Hoff

Boston, USA

Tae Sung Kim

Country Manager
Seoul, S. Korea

Sarah Yang

Country Manager
Mumbai, India

Suneet Rana

SEO Analyst
Mumbai, India

Nguyễn Thảo

Country Manager
Hanoi, Vietnam

Ruben Honores Salcedo

Country Manager
Lima, Peru

Yen Yu Lin

Country Manager
Taipei, Taiwan

Ilteris Alican Demir

Country Manager
Istanbul, Turkey

Nazareth Soberanes

Guadalajara, Mexico