Local packages:

LBS has established local marketing teams in over 15 countries on 5 continents:

Germany, UK and Ireland, Poland, Turkey, France, Spain
South-East Asia: Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India
Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia
America (S & N): Brazil, Mexico
Middle East: United Arab Emirates

The local establishment has allowed us to maintain expansive media lists and entrenched network with media editors, bloggers and reviewers in several sectors such as consumer electronics, technology and lifestyle. We can ensure You we will reach the right local people in the online media in order to secure maximum exposure of Your brand.

Media Outreach & PR

Your network is your net worth! To spread the word about your brand in online and offline national media, you need to proactively search for media presence opportunities, have a piece with news value and good content to be published, and the most importantly some phone numbers on your contacts list. By working with us, you have all these benefits at once. We know what is more valuable for national media and build long term strategies accordingly. We prepare high quality content, which any editor would like to publish without a second thought. And we have huge network of editors and website-blog owners to get your content published.

If you work with LBS, your press release goes directly to the inbox of journalists thanks to our media database which was created and is updated by a team of in-country media relationship specialists. Our local media teams can leverage their local expertise of cultural and market dynamics to get quality media presence for you.

Our Competences
– Press Release Creation and Distribution (in local languages)
– Product Reviews
– Competitions
– Features
– Giveaways
– Advertorials
– Media Buyings
– Media Monitoring

Influencer (KOL) Marketing

The influencer market has been growing consistently since 2015 and the total size of the market in 2022 is projected at $15 billion. This shouldn’t be a surprise! According to researchers, influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of marketing because they are more credible than TV celebrities. In other words, if you would like to sell more, you better invest in influencer marketing!

The golden benefit of influencer marketing is reach and engagement which leads into sales conversion. Considering 20% of the world population have English-language skills, and only 5% is native speakers, to reach wider audiences and connect with them deeply, you need brand ambassadors talking to the hearts and minds of the people. Do you have some focus markets that you would like to be promoted? UK, Vietnam, Japan, Turkey, Germany, or somewhere else? We got you covered! With our in-country teams we make in-depth research to provide you the best influencer partnership options in the local markets.

Our Competences
– Influencer Outreach
– Influencer Campaign Management
– Influencer Reviews
– Lucky draws with influencers
– Affiliate Marketing and Discount Codes Sharing

Social Media Marketing

Business is about relationships. Building them. Maintaining Them. And growing them. It is about connecting with your customers. And being part of the conversation. People are more engaging in their own native language and connect with them fully, you need to talk to them in their own language. By knowing the language, culture, and market dynamics we manage your social media effectively.

With our social media management, your company will be able to reach thousands of potential new customers online in various social media platforms. Let us explain various social media platforms. For Russia, without VK company account, your social media strategy will be crippled. In Philippines 90% of the people use Facebook actively, and Instagram is not even close in terms of active users. For Turkey, without an Instagram account you cannot reach or connect with your audiences. KakaoTalk is essential for Korea. By working with local teams in several countries we build social media strategies uniquely for each market!

It begins with your social media strategy. First, we work closely with you to map out your goals and we will learn more about your target audiences. Then we get to work crafting engaging content, increasing your online presence, and building a foundation for continued social growth. With experience creating campaigns for both Asian and Western brands, our objective-orientated service guarantees results – no matter your target market.

Our Competences
– Social Media Strategy Building
– Audience Analysis by use of professional SaaS Tools
– Social Media Localization
– Social Media Plans with captions, visuals and hashtags and execution
– Social Media Campaigns (i.e. luckydraws-challenges) creation and management
– Community Management
– Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Performance Marketing – Ads Management

In 2020, online ads have surpassed the traditional ads budget spent and if you want to remain competitive, you’ll need to start advertising online as well. Big social media platforms have made important changes in their algorithms recently, limited the organic reach-engagement; and online ads becomes a “must” more than a “nice to have”. Moreover, online ads is one of the most effective promotion since you pay only when you get a result. You can reach hundreds of thousands of people with your ads convert them into your customers and make profit!

Our team of performance marketing experts ensures you take the most out of your ads investment. In other words, by optimizing your ads, we are the ones who will get 4$ for 1$ investment instead of 2$ for 1$! Whether you promote your products on Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram or Amazon, we are here for you to make your ads investment more profitable.

Our Competences
– Ads Account Creation for all online platforms
– Facebook Audience Network for Facebook and Instagram Ads
– Google Ads (Search Network + Display Network)
– Ads Management for several platforms (i.e. Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok)
– Ads Content Creation (e.g. banners, visuals, captions etc.)
– Performance Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Only 7% of search engine users will ever make it to the third page of the search engine results. The higher you rank in results pages, the more clicks and traffic your site will generate. No matter how well-designed your website or product is, if it cannot be found online you will lose many potential customers. Therefore, in today’s Internet-based world a large part of your success relies on getting noticed. How? The answer is simple: Search Engine Optimization. With the right SEO strategy, your business will reach more people. Which means more customers.

At LBS, we offer a range of SEO services across various search engines and languages. We combine algorithm expertise, explosive content, and big media backlinks to position brands where they belong in the search results. And keep them there.

– Building SEO strategy to improve user experience
– Keyword strategy
– On-site and off-site white hat SEO
– Website Category Configuration
– Website SEO audit
– Backlinks
– Visual Optimiazation
– Monitoring and Reporting

Email Marketing

A friend of yours told you that there’s a business out there: You put $1 and get $40 in return. Wouldn’t you just jump in that train? This ROI monster is email marketing. You can reach and attract new customers, retain them with personalized messages and promote your brand and products through well-planned email marketing tactics. Personalization in email marketing allows you to differentiate your messages according to segments so customers can’t ignore.


At LBS, we provide state of art services in email marketing. We manage, improve and optimize your email database, so you can reach and connect with wider audiences. We curate quality content for your emails, segment your audience and draw email workflows triggered by online actions of your customers. With constant A-B testing, we learn which content and design, should be sent to whom, at what time in which day with what kind of subject line… We do the best to turn your $1 into tens of dollars worth sales!

– Email Database Management and Optimization
– Email Content Creation
– Email Collection
– Email Segmentation
– Newsletters
– Automated and Triggered Emails
– Reporting&Analysis

Customer Service

A lot has changed in the digital era. But one thing remains certain: customer service is key. It’s not easy being thousands of miles away from your customers. Or speaking a different language. That’s where we come in.


Our customer service management solutions streamline every step of the customer communication process. From receiving and responding to customer queries to building comprehensive knowledge databases of commonly asked questions. With representatives around the world, you can rest assured your customers will be dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. No matter their location.

Blogger Outreach

Billions are connected to the web. But only a few voices stand out. They are the influencers. The trendsetters. The kings and queens of the blogosphere. They are followed by thousands. And they have the power to increase your brand’s awareness and credibility to the world.


Our blogger outreach service lets you harness this power for your business. First, we find the top influencers in your industry based on your target audience, social authority and engagement levels. Then we work to improve your brand’s visibility and get people talking about you. The result? Strong, sustainable relationships with appropriate influencers, who may just become your brand’s biggest advocates.