Content Marketing at LBS

In the age of Web 2.0, content is king.


Competition for eyeballs is at an all-time high. Attention spans hover just above 35 seconds. And everyone wants a slice of the digital pie. What is a company to do? Simple: you need better content. Good content is attention-grabbing. It keeps readers on the page. But most importantly, it communicates your core message clearly and effectively. After all, what good is a product if your audience doesn’t understand its benefits? What good is a clever brand if your customers feel no connection to it?


Whatever your content needs, our crack team of in-house writers have got you covered. We have a proven track record writing dynamic SEO-friendly content for both Western and Asian brands, from Amazon product descriptions and technical brochures to email campaigns and killer sales-letters.

Our competences

  • Professional multi-lingual website content creation.
  • Content writing within professional fields.
  • Video Content creation (Promotional materials, product presentations, company presentations).
  • Photo Content creation (product photographs, company photograps).
  • Catalogues and promotional materials.
  • Proofreading of customers’ content.