Blogger Outreach at LBS

Billions are connected to the web. But only a few voices stand out. They are the influencers. The trendsetters. The kings and queens of the blogosphere. They are followed by thousands. And they have the power to increase your brand’s awareness and credibility to the world.


Our blogger outreach service lets you harness this power for your business. First, we find the top influencers in your industry based on your target audience, social authority and engagement levels. Then we work to improve your brand’s visibility and get people talking about you. The result? Strong, sustainable relationships with appropriate influencers, who may just become your brand’s biggest advocates.

Our competences

  • Sponsored product reviews by bloggers, Youtubers, and online magazines.
  • Amazon Store reviews.
  • Cooperating with major Youtube channels / vlogs.
  • Sponsored product tests.